Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cloth diapers Or Disposable diapers?

Salam & happy Thursday everyone,

have u ever heard about cloth diapers? are you using cloth diapers?actually i hav nvr heard bout it until i went to my hometown shopping mall last 3 months. Then i went home and start google-ing about cloth diapers. wow its so cool you know! banyak sangat choices wif lots of color. mcm2 corak. no need to wear pants anymore

I think i wanna use this cloth diapers for my baby's daily diapers lah. at least 1 hari 1 kali ke kan. maybe during daytime i guna cloth diapers and malam pulak i use disposable diapers.lagipun i can reduce my hubby's long term cost on disposable diapers. haha~! save the earth momma!!  Hmmm...

So mommies, wats your favourite disposable diapers for your babies? Currently im using mamy poko for Suci. Masa awal2 aritu i just pakaikan dia Pureen, diapex & whoopee. Saje try banyak2 so that kita tau which one is suitable for our baby. Its up to u which brand u wanna use. but for me, mamy poko is the best sbb dia tak bocor. so u boleh jimat and takde lah every 1 hour u nak change the diapers. Macam suci, 1 hari i just guna at least 4 diapers for her. before this when i used d other brand, i have to change her diapers every 1 hour and kalau u tolak tambah balik the price, it just the same. 

This one i penah guna utk Suci but not suitable yet coz for my opinion, kalau baby yang belum pandai berdiri, ssh sikit nak pakaikan.

currently im using this for her

pernah guna jugak. corak cantik tapi tak best sgt.

not bad

never use this


Cloth diapers, Lets check it out!

cantik kan?!

i adore this. argh!

cute sangat!


easy to use & Its Made in Malaysia. Lets support our local brand!

#courtesy of google image

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